GaiaGo x Pick-Roll


Do you play basketball? With GaiaGo and Pick-Roll you can reach the nearest field, saving money whilst cutting on c02 emissions.

GaiaGo is the first UrbanTech mobility platform to aggregate mobility on the territory and integrate it into spaces. Pick-Roll is the first Italian startup to connect basketball fans and amateur players, crossing the boundary between the physical and the digital world to bring the sporting experience to life in all its forms. The collaboration aims to bring more inclusive mobility to the sports sector and encourage users to practice their passion and to do so by moving sustainably. Pick-Roll will provide its community, throughout the national territory, with GaiaGo’s marketplace that aggregates shared mobility players: more than 40 thousand active Pick-Roll users will be able to access the GaiaGo app and select a sharing service to move comfortably and sustainably and reach the nearest playing field. This partnership also gave rise to a sport event called “In and Out” that, during the 3X3 championships of the Italian Basketball Federation, will take place in cities such as Rome and Milan. Throughout this event the Pick-Roll community and its ambassadors will be able to use free mobility credits and will be encouraged to use shared mobility and create original content!

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In and Out will stop by these cities. Come and join us!

26/27 Giugno – Torneo BALONCESTO Y FIESTA – Genova (Via Montezovetto 21)

26/27 Giugno – 4° MEMORIAL MATTEO BERTOLAZZI – Cervia (Lungomare Grazia Deledda, 167)

3/4 Luglio- SFL Under the Ring Road  (femminile)- Roma (Largo Settimio Passamonti)

17/18 Luglio – SFL Under the Ring Road  (maschile) – Roma (Largo Settimio Passamonti)

(To be announced!) Milano, Via Gattamelata