GaiaGo x Edileco: Welfare Mobility Platform in the Aosta Valley.

Innovation, sustainability, attention for the environment and the territory, community and inclusion are the values ​​that brought together GaiaGo, the first UrbanTech mobility company to integrate green mobility into spaces and aggregate mobility services, and Edileco, a cooperative based in the Aosta Valley specialized in eco-friendly construction. This collaboration and the partnership with EcoFuture Lab, an innovative start-up that operates in the field of experimental development and technology transfer, gave rise to the Community Mobility Sharing project, a new form of welfare that values high quality, optimized mobility.

This way, Edileco’s 70 employees can use a shared and accessible mobility service, plan their journeys through the GaiaGo app and book the two electric Renault Zoe cars supplied by the Sicav 2000 Group. Electric mobility is not only suitable to get around in cities, but can become a “tool” to enhance the territory and relaunch local micro economies. Furthermore, this partnership demonstrates how the importance of spreading sustainable and virtuous practices within a community concerns both the way we move and the way live. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, if the number of cars continues to increase, in 2030 there will be around 2 billion. To avoid this surplus of cars in circulation, GaiaGo, through its platform, wants to offer an alternative mode of transport based on the real mobility needs of people. Through its solution GaiaGo aim to encourage everyone to choose shared mobility solutions over their private car. Furthermore, the involvement of the Sicav 2000 Group, an important dealership based in the Aosta Valley, aims to encourage people to travel in a sustainable way using the electric car.

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